All About Campaigns

Creating, Editing, Managing and Sharing Campaigns

Want to learn how to orchestrate and conduct brilliantly successful fundraising campaigns or online pop-up stores? The first thing you should know is that the two most important elements of running a successful campaign are:

  1. The mechanics
  2. The art

The tutorial videos below give you all of the tools you need to learn the mechanics of setting up and sharing your new fundraising campaign or pop-up store using the IgniteCX system. These videos will cover all of the details you need to build your page and show you how to easily navigate through the system to revisit and revise your content. Once you get a general sense of the mechanics, be sure to check out our Tips & Tricks page as well as our Blog to discover ideas about the art of creating successful campaigns. If you are a new Campaign User, check out this page.


Creating a New Campaign – Campaign Creation Wizard

Each time a user begins a new campaign they are automatically led through the Campaign Creation Wizard. This is an easy, five step process where you are able to fill in all of the necessary elements and details needed to complete and launch your new campaign. Keep in mind that you can save your campaign at any point throughout the process and come back to finish it later. If you don’t need a lot of explanation, watch this super short 2 min video that gets you going quickly:


Step One: Edit Your Campaign Page Appearance (ie. Make your page look awesome!)

This first step of the Campaign Creation Wizard walks you through visuals:

  • Add a fun video
  • Show off your your club or organization through a bunch of photos in your gallery
  • Tell your story
  • Upload your logo

Basically, this step is all about making the page YOUR OWN! Get creative and have fun with it!


Step Two: The Campaign Details

  • the duration of your campaign
  • your campaign fundraising goal amount
  • will you be accepting donations only creating a pop-up store only or doing a mixture of both?



Step Three: Build Your Campaign Store

Now for the fun part! In this video you will learn the basics of how to select, customize, and price your own products using the design tool. For a much deeper look at how to set up your store, price your products and create really great designs, visit the Setting Up Your Store page.


Step Four: Show me the Money!

Once a your campaign is finished, its payday for your group or organization! It can happen one of three ways:

  1. We write you a check
  2. You set up direct deposit
  3. You don’t get paid (because your pop-up store is a breakeven store and you sold your items at cost)

This very important step determines the name and contact information for the Funds Recipient / Manager, who is the individual responsible for receiving the funds raised by your campaign. Once the information has been submitted, the Funds Recipient / Manager will need to be approved by a System Administrator before the campaign can be published.


Step Five: Publish Your Page!

If you had items that need proofing or licensing, you’ll need to wait for those approvals, but once you are clear, you can push the big red Ignite button and publish your page for the world to see. You can also view this campaign summary page anytime and make changes to your page whenever you need to.




Managing Your Campaigns

Once your campaign has been published for the first time, you will no longer be accessing your campaign details through the Campaign Creation Wizard. The following tutorials will guide you in how to make edits to already published campaigns.

Managing Your Campaigns – Dashboard

Whenever you log in to your IgniteCX account you are automatically directed to the Manage Your Campaigns page. This page serves as a dashboard for all the campaigns you have access to and gives you an overview of the current status of each campaign. If you have started a new campaign but have not yet completed the creation wizard or have not yet published the campaign, this is where you want to be to access that campaign. Any campaigns that are currently live are listed here as well.



Editing Your Campaign Details

In this video, we introduce you to the all-important Edit/Publish page for your campaign. This is essentially mission control for your campaign and it is important to know what all can be accomplished from this central location.


Sharing Your Campaigns

Sending Emails to your Campaign Users and Supporters

When you first published your campaign you probably sent an email out to all of your supporters letting them know about your new campaign. But what if you want to send them weekly updates telling them about your progress and reminding them of your need for support? In this video you will see how to access the campaign share feature.



Add and Manage Lists of Supporters

Diligently creating, building, and managing your lists of supporters is one of the most valuable tools you have in conducting a successful campaign. This video walks you through the mechanics of how to add supporters and manage lists of supporters within the IgniteCX system.



How and when do we get paid?

This video discusses all of the juicy details of how you will receive all of the payments for your brilliantly successful campaign.