All About Your Account

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about setting up and editing your organization’s account and Organization Home Page in IgniteCX.  If you haven’t already done so, download the Creating a New Account User Guide to help you gather all of the detailed information you will need for these steps.  If you are a new System Administrator with IgniteCX, you may also find it helpful to visit our System Administrators… Let’s Get Started page.

Creating a New Account

When you first log in to your new IgniteCX account, you will be immediately guided to the 2-step Account Setup Wizard. The videos below will walk you through each step of the process.

Step One: Setting Up Your Account Details

This page is where you’ll enter key information such as your organization’s name, the name and contact information of the primary System Administrator, and your preferred URL for your Organization Home Page.



Step Two: Customizing Your Organization Home Page Appearance

The purpose of your Organization Home Page is to give you a ‘fundraising hub’ that can help you easily and effectively communicate with clubs, groups, teams, etc. within your organization about your new fundraising system. For example, do you have specific fundraising guidelines for your organization? This is a good place to either share those requirements or remind your groups where they can find them.  This is also the place where your potential fundraisers will go to see how other groups have used the system to create their own campaign pages, and/or to request access to the system so they can create their own campaign page.

This step allows you to personalize/customize the appearance of your Organization Home Page to suit your brand/preferences. Before you get started, be sure you have a great photo for the header image and that you know the hex value of at least one of your organization’s colors. You’ll see default text in the text editor to help get you started.  But of course, you’re free to make it your own to fit your organization’s unique character and needs. If you need more help on selecting an image for your Organization Home Page, click here.




Editing Your Account

Editing Your Account Details

Once you have established your account using the help of the Account Setup Wizard, you can always go back and edit any of your account details. In this video, you’ll see how to easily access your account details page.




Editing Your Organization Homepage Appearance

Once your Organization Page has been created, you may decide later that you want to refine certain elements; update a logo, modify a color, change a picture, etc. This quick video will show you how to access those page appearance functions.




Sending Emails

Sending Ad Hoc Emails to Your User and Supporter Lists

There may be times when you will want to send email communications to your Campaign User lists, Supporter lists, or both that are not specific to one campaign. This video shows you how to use the “Send An Email” function of the IgniteCX system. This function is only accessible to users with the System Administrator security profile.