Setting up your Store

There are a lot of details to consider when choosing what types of products you want to sell, how many different types of products, what price you’ll want to charge and how to best design your products. This series of videos is our deepest look into all aspects of setting up your campaign store.

Choosing your items

The number of items you choose to sell should be directly related to the amount of money you plan to raise and the duration of time you plan to run your campaign. Each item you choose has a minimum requirement of 12 pieces being sold on your campaign so you want to be sure you will sell at least that number before your campaign end date. If this is your first campaign, you will probably want to choose products that are generally the most popular – tee shirts, sweat shirts and tote bags tend to be the biggest sellers. Also, if you are not sure how many products you will be able to sell, you may want to run your first campaign with only one or two products so that you will have a better chance of fulfilling the 12 piece minimum. If you find that your campaign is selling very well, you can add more products to your campaign store but just be sure to allow adequate time before the campaign end date to meet the 12 piece minimum.

Designing your items

Once you have an idea of what products you want to sell, it is time to add some fun designs! Keep in mind that the base price for each product includes the use of one color and the setup cost of one location. Additional colors and locations on your items will incur a higher set up cost. This video will also help you understand the factors that you will want to consider when pricing your items.


Getting paid for your items

This video explains the process of how you will get paid for items you sell as a part of your campaign.