Campaign Users… Let’s Get Started!

Okay, so you’ve visited your organization’s home page and you have a good sense of what this new fundraising system can do for the groups and projects you are involved with. Now, let’s get started in creating your first campaign! Along the way, if you need any additional details or recommendations on how to create highly effective campaigns, be sure to check out the rest of our Help & Resources Center as well as our Blog.

1. Watch this 1 minute introductory video


2. Get some inspiration for your new campaign:3_Campaign_Vignette

Whether you and your group are old pros at running online campaigns or you are totally new, it is always good to get some inspiration first. If your organization or school has been with IgniteCX for some time, you may want to check out some of the other campaigns going on right now within your organization. You can view current campaigns by going to your organization’s home page, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the link to “View all our current campaigns”. If your school or organization is new to IgniteCX, check out this link to see some examples of how you might present your campaign.


3. Familiarize yourself with the different types of campaign User Roles:

For more in-depth information about user roles, visit the Users & Security help page.

System Administrator:

The System Administrator is in charge of the big picture, overall management of your organization’s account with IgniteCX. Here are the roles they play that are specifically important for you:

  1. Approves Fund Manager for each campaign (periodic action)
  2. Can access and lock any campaign or user (as needed)

Find out more about System Administrators here.

Campaign User:

  1. Can create Campaign Page from scratch
  2. Gathers photos, video, and writes compelling story
  3. Helps design store items
  4. Spreads the word – Social media, phone calls and traditional media outlets


4. Plan your campaign with the other members of your group

There are some important factors that go into creating a successful campaign. It’s a good idea to have a clear plan for your campaign BEFORE you get too deeply involved in the details of its creation. Here are some of the questions you will want to be able to answer before you get started:

  • How do I determine my fundraising goal?
  • What is the best duration for my campaign?
  • What type of images are the best ones to use?
  • What are different ways I can tell this story?
  • How do I organize and delegate tasks amongst my group?
  • How do I write a great story?
  • What is the most effective way to share my campaign online and with my community of supporters?

Here are three great resources to help you move forward in confident and awesome ways in answering these questions:

5. Create your store or campaign

Watch the video below to quickly get your page up and running!

Now that you have established your plan, it is time to create your campaign. For details and suggestions on how to best complete each step of the wizard process, check out some of the tutorial videos on the All About Campaigns page of our Help & Resources Center. You can also download our Campaign Creation Quick Start Guide PDF below for a detailed list of everything you will need to gather to complete your campaign (i.e. photos, logos, colors, copy, etc.). Be creative, design some super sellable products, and have fun!

New Campaign Creation User Guide

To start a new campaign:

  1. Login to your IgniteCX account by going to this link.
  2. If your campaign has already been established by your Campaign Manager or by another Campaign User, look for it listed on the “Manage My Campaigns” chart and click on the “Complete Pending Steps” hyperlink to the right of the campaign name. If your campaign is not already established, click on the “Create New Campaign” button in the navigation bar.
  3. Follow the steps in the SetUp Wizard.
  4. Once you get to Step 5, you can check out the preview of what your campaign will look like.
  5. Once you and your group have finalized the design of and are happy with your customized products (if selling products is a part of your campaign) you will need to request licensing approval* by clicking the button on Step 5. Your Campaign Manager will receive an email once the licensing approval has been granted.
  6. If you  have not yet supplied the Funds Manager/ Recipient details, then now is the time! (The campaign cannot be published without the Funds Manager / Recipient approval from the System Administrator.)
  7. Once the Funds Manger is approved and licensing approval it is granted, ask your Campaign Manager review the rest of the campaign content and publish the campaign.

Campaign Page Components* If your organization is not using the license approval management feature of IgniteCX, you will not see the Request Licensing Approval option and you can click the Request to Publish the campaign whenever you are ready.


6. Share your campaign!

Spread the Word!Woo-hoo! Now that your campaign is published its time to celebrate that beautiful  page in all of its glory and to bring in some DONATIONS! You can easily share your page through any of the social share buttons on your campaign page or by sending an email directly from the IgniteCX system. Remember to follow your plan (and adjust as you go along if necessary) and be consistent with sharing and reminding your social networks about your special campaign.

7. Learn more about how you receive your funds

You may be asking yourself…”Soooo, how do I get paid???” Good question. There are a few key points about the timing involved with when and how you receive your funds. Watch this video explanation for details (and be sure to watch to the end where there is a great tip about how to make even more with your campaign through IgniteCX rebates):

8. Remember to say “Thank you!”

“Thank you” can never be said enough when it comes to letting your supporters know how much you appreciate them. For best results, be sure to extend your first personalized thank you via email or phone within the first 48 hours of a contribution and to occasionally follow up with your supporters over the following weeks and months to let them know how their donation was used and appreciated. This will make them feel very pleased that their money was put to good use and will cause them to very likely want to contribute again the next time you launch a campaign.

And, speaking of launching your next campaign… what are you going to do next?!?