System Administrators… Let’s Get Started!

Now that you have taken the first step in igniting your organization’s fundraising process, it’s time to get your account set up and running quickly and efficiently. 

This page is designed to help you as a new System Administrator easily understand your responsibilities, discover what it will take to launch the system, and give you tools to manage the process.


1. Set Up Your Account & Create your Organization Home Page:

When you first sign up for IgniteCX, you will be directly taken to the Account Details page. There, you will enter important information about your organization into a simple form. We have provided a checklist in the New Account Creation User Guide PDF below as well as a video to help you out if you have questions along the way.

New Account Creation User Guide

Now, let’s set up your Organization Home Page. This page is the fundraising informational hub where you can communicate with your faculty, staff, volunteers, students and other participants. Start by uploading a great header image and the logo for your school/organization (more details can be found in the above PDF). Next, have a look at the pre-populated body copy for the page. You’ll want to customize this text to suit the needs of your organization. This is where you can explain your fundraising guidelines (and include links to important documents and pages on your organization’s website) and impart any timely information to your fundraising groups. Once groups create and publish campaigns, thumbnail images will appear at the bottom of the Organization Home Page linking to each campaign. For additional ideas on creating your Organization Home Page, click this link to watch a video that will get you up and running in no time.



2. Familiarize yourself with the System User Roles:

Overview of the System User Duties:

For more in-depth information about user roles, visit this Users & Security help page.

System Administrator:

The System Administrator is in charge of the big picture, overall management of your organization’s account with IgniteCX. Here are the key roles they play:

  1. Sets up Account (immediate action)
  2. Sets up Organization Home Page (immediate action)
  3. Receives email requests for new campaigns (periodically)
  4. Approves Fund Manager for each campaign (periodically)
  5. Can access and lock any campaign or user (as needed)

Campaign User:

Campaign Users are the main force behind creating successful campaigns. At times with the guidance of their Campaign Manager and at times more independently, they do the work of organizing, visioning, storytelling and sharing their campaigns to their supporters. However, they do not have the ability to publish any campaigns. For that they must have proper approvals through the Licensing Manager and the Campaign Manager. Here are the key roles that Campaign Users play:

  1. Can create a Campaign Page from scratch
  2. Gathers photos, video, and writes compelling story copy
  3. Designs store items
  4. Markets and publicizes the campaign

Two other roles that are important to understand are the campaign Fund Manager / Recipient  and the License Manager. For information on both of these roles, visit this page.

3. Choose an additional System Administrator (optional):

Those of you working in larger organizations may want to delegate some or all of the tasks and responsibilities that come with the System Administrator role to one or two other people. (Be very thoughtful about this decision as anyone with the System Administrator security profile will be able to have full access of the system including the ability to approve Fund Manager/Recipients!) Anyone designated as a System Administrator will be able to manage new requests that come in for access to the system, help keep the Organization Home Page updated, and approve Fund Manager/Recipient details.

4. Inform your students/organization participants about this new fundraising opportunity:

Now, its time to really get this thing going! You will want to send an email (as well as social media messages) to your students/participants that explains the IgniteCX system and how it can benefit them and their groups, clubs, teams, and projects. (Look below for copy you can use for this email). Send the link to the Organization Home Page and ask them to check it out to see if its something they want to do. Then ask them to send their advisor, coach, club captain, faculty sponsor, teacher, group leader, resident assistant etc. to the page to request that their group gain access to the system.

Hello All Student Groups,

Organization Name just joined a wonderful fundraising system called IgniteCX. With it, our groups, teams and clubs across campus can create an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns for all of their projects and needs.

Each campaign page is essentially a crowdfunding page with the opportunity for your supporters to make donations and/or buy items that your club creates. Because IgniteCX is a licensed program, we are able to use approved school logos on all of the promotional items that your campaign creates.

If making more money for your club, team or group interests you, or if you’d just like to create promotional items like t shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles etc to sell to your members or supporters, then this program is for you! It is really easy to get your campaign / store page up and running. Just ask your sponsor, advisor, captain, president, or coach to visit our Org Homepage with this link: www._____________ . There, they will find a “Create a Fundraising Page” button that will allow them to request access to the system.

Please take a few moments to look over the org homepage and some of the existing campaign pages. Also, to get more ideas on what the campaign creation process entails, visit this link. I really believe that this tool can really affect the bottom line for your groups, helping to fund all of your activities, new equipment needs, travel expenses and events.


Your Name

5. Contact your marketing department and/or campus media outlets:

Now it is time to contact the traditional and social media outlets for your school. They are always looking for great content to share on Facebook, Twitter and the school blog and newspaper. Your campaigns will be great content for them! Find out who to speak with, explain the system to them, then ask for permission for Campaign Managers or Campaign Users to request that their campaign page links be shared through those outlets. Once you have established a protocol for how individual groups can share their campaigns via school-wide social media, be sure to include those instructions on your Organization Home Page.

6. Congratulations, you have now reached cruising altitude!

Once you have completed the above 6 steps, the IgniteCX system is up and running and should require only a minimal amount of time for you to fulfill your basic tasks.


Curious about what Campaign Users need to do to get their campaigns started? Learn about that here.