About IgniteCX

What is IgniteCX?

IgniteCX is an online fundraising and pop-up store platform that helps schools and other non-profits raise money and create merchandise for their organizations. IgniteCX is crowdfunding and e-commerce plus an extensive list of tools that helps administrators and managers control the content and branding of an unlimited number of campaign pages that can be created by organization members.

IgniteCX is the most robust and complete crowdfunding platform for schools and other non-profit organizations. IgniteCX’s core principles are that schools should not be constrained by budget cuts, and that programs, clubs, teams and groups play integral roles in helping children grow into contributing members of society. IgniteCX’s custom-built platform, as well as the company’s proven record of helping schools design creative crowdfunding strategies, has helped position itself to be the dominant brand in school and non-profit fundraising.

Student organizations and groups can easily create gear on a store or crowdfunding page and then share that page with parents, alumni and other students without any costs up front to them. The items are not printed until the pop-up store or campaign is over, so the student groups are in essence, purchasing ONLY the shirts that they actually sold! For absolutely no financial risk, they can design gear, publish their store, send out the link and then collect a check when its all over!

What are the differences between a System Administrator and a Campaign User?

Please check out this link to see what the differences are.

What payment gateway does IgniteCX use?

Braintree is the payment gateway for IgniteCX. Braintree offers a very safe and secure way for your supporters to use their credit cards to pay for items and make donations on your campaign page. Braintree also is who pays you.

Braintree is a payments company based in Chicago, IL and is a PayPal subsidiary. Braintree is PCI Level 1 Compliant (the best security you can get).

When you sign up for an IgniteCX account and create your campaign page, you have the option to create a Braintree sub merchant account (this is like a PayPal account). Money raised through donations and purchases on your campaign page get deposited into this sub merchant account directly. When you use Braintree, you agree to the IgniteCX Terms of Use, IgniteCX Privacy Policy, the Braintree Privacy Policy and Braintree Terms of Use.

The second option is to request that a check be sent to your group when your store is finished.

About My Campaign

Can a customer change the details of their order?

Yes, a customer can change the shipping address, item quantities, and credit card details before the campaign has ended by contacting us here.

Can I unpublish a live campaign before the campaign end date?

Yes, there are two ways you can do this.

If you don’t need to unpublish your campaign immediately, but want to change the campaign end date to an earlier date, simply go to “Manage My Campaigns” in the navigation bar, click the “Edit” hyperlink next to your campaign name, then find the “Campaign Details” section on that page. Click “Edit” and reset the Campaign End Date. Click “Save and Continue”. When you are back on your Campaign Summary page, click “Re-publish”.

If you need to unpublish your campaign immediately, go to “Manage My Campaigns”, click on “Other Campaign Options” and click “Archive Campaign”. To republish, simply click “Reactivate Campaign”.

Can people make purchases using their phones?

You bet! The mobile version of your IgniteCX store will load for those visiting your campaign from their phones. Your page looks great on a phone and it’s very easy for supporters to complete their purchases from their mobile device.

How does my group qualify for a rebate?

Rebates are sent to groups that qualify for discounts based on the quantity of products sold from their campaign pages. Take a t-shirt for instance. Let’s say your minimum t-shirt cost is $8. This number is based on your design (how many colors and areas on the shirt that require printing), and the quantity of shirts that will be printed. The minimum quantity of each item that you need to sell from your campaign page is 12. So if you sell 12 of these t-shirts, you’ll pay $8 per shirt. The great thing is, this is the highest cost you will ever pay. From here it only gets better. If you sell more than 50 shirts, your price drops to $7.50, more than 120 shirts, then each will cost $7 and so on. The best price break you would see is $5.75 per shirt (selling more than 500 shirts). This is all extra money that your group collects at the end of the campaign in the form of a rebate. A savings of $2.25 per shirt at 500 shirts sold is $1125! Pretty sweet! For more information about how this works, check out this VIDEO.

How does the Goal Thermometer work?

Good question.

First of all, this is an optional feature for your page and can be toggled off or on in your campaign settings. When off, the page feels more like a pop-up store and when on, the page feels more like a crowdfunding site.

The IgniteCX system is different than other fundraising pages out there because you have the opportunity to accept donations and sell items that you have created to your supporters.

If your campaign only accepts donations, the calculation for the thermometer is easy. Donor X gives $250 and the thermometer goes up by $250 minus the transaction fees.

However, if Donor X buys a beautifully designed sweatshirt for $50, the number posted to the thermometer is the $50 minus $14 cost for the sweatshirt (assuming you only printed in one color, on one location) minus the transaction fee.

It’s helpful for you to know that the thermometer reflects the amount your group has actually raised throughout your campaign.

How high should I set my goal?

Great question! (and rather difficult to answer). It comes down to the numbers of supporters, parents and alumni you have on your list. It also depends on how you price your profit into your merchandise and whether or not you allow donations.

Our recommendation is to set your goal lower than you think at first. To really get the word out about your campaign or pop-up store, you need to coordinate your efforts. How many people in your club, dorm, house or team? Can you ask each one to send out an email with the link to your store to 5 people? 10 people? This is how you are going to find massive success with your page.

Depending on the depth of your list and whether or not you accept donations, you could aim for anywhere from $300 – $2000. Remember, you can always reset your goal mid- campaign. Its always better to raise your goal mid-campaign than to lower your goal mid campaign.

This campaign started with a $1000 goal and when they broke the $1200 mark, they decided to raise it to $2000.

And this campaign started with a $1400 goal and moved it when they broke $1500.

This campaign started with a $5000 goal and made about half of what they wanted.

It’s more of an art than science.  You will need practice, so don’t worry if you overshoot or undershoot your first campaign. Just know that you can always try it again and reset your expectations based on your first experience.

What are the shipping options for my store items?

There are three different settings for shipping for each campaign:

1. Ship to one location. (You do your own distribution and the shipping is free)
2. Ship directly to customer. The customer pays a flat fee ($6.50) and you don’t need to worry about distribution.
3. Let the customer decide between #1 and #2 above. The customer may be local and want to pick up the shirt rather than paying for shipping. You would still need to be willing to do some distribution.

What are the transaction fees involved with using IgniteCX?

IgniteCX charges a standard transaction fee of 5%.

Each transaction will also be charged a credit card transaction fee of 2.9% + .30



What happens at the end of my campaign?

Your campaign will end promptly at midnight, Pacific on the date of your campaign target date. Once your campaign has ended, all item orders are immediately processed. Any items ordered that have not reached their minimum sales requirements will be cancelled. You may see adjustments made to the amount raised by your campaign during the 24 hour period following your campaign end to reflect cancelled orders and credit card processing failures. Once your campaign has ended no additional item orders can be placed. Item orders usually ship within two weeks of campaign end.

What happens if I don’t hit my order minimums?

You must sell a minimum of 12 pieces per item for that item to be printed. Orders for items that do not reach this minimum by the campaign end date will be cancelled (or, partially cancelled if an order also contains items that did reach their minimums). At the close of the campaign, customers will be automatically notified if some or all of the items they ordered will be cancelled.

When do I receive my money?

If you have selected to receive a check, your check will be mailed within 2 weeks of your campaign end date.

If you have selected the direct deposit option for your Funds Recipient, you will receive donation funds in your account within 2 business days of the transaction. You will receive funds from item sales within 2 business days of the campaign close.

Why am I not selling as much as I want to?

There are a number of factors that influence how successful you will be with selling items: How big your support base is, how many items you have available in your store, the timing of your store and how well you get the word out about your store. But, not to worry! Checkout this Blueprint for Success guide for all of our top tips on how you can turn your campaign around and increase your sales. Or, if you are a bit short on time, check out our Best Practices here.


Design Questions

Can someone help me with my item design?

Yes! Promoversity is happy to help with item designs. Just contact Promoversity and ask them how to proceed with your designs.

(877) 737-7137 M-F, 8 am – 6 pm CST or email service@promoversity.com

What is a hex color value? (and how do I find my Hex colors?)

In layman’s terms: Hex Color is for Web while Pantone Color is for Print

A hex color value is a 6-digit code typically comprised of numbers and letters that represent a specific color. It is important that the hex color values you choose are true representations of your organization’s Pantone colors. If you do not know the appropriate hex values for your colors, ask the marketing director or licensing director of your organization.

If you only have Pantone colors for your school, this website provides an easy converter tool to find your Hex colors.

Miscellaneous Questions

Can I change my organization home page URL?

Yes, but if you’ve already shared that homepage outside of your team, you may want to think twice about that.

Orders and Shipments

Can I add a new item order after my campaign has closed?

Unfortunately not. Our system is automated to run settlements on all orders immediately following the campaign close at midnight, Pacific. After individual orders are settled, the batch order for the entire campaign is then submitted to the printers and cannot be altered.

However, since running IgniteCX campaigns are totally risk free, this is a great reason to set up another pop-up store in a month or two and reach out to your supporters again to give them another opportunity to purchase your great items!

Can my supporters return or exchange their items?

All sales are final unless product is defective. All items are produced and made to order at the end of each campaign. Please double check sizing before placing your order.

What is your policy regarding bulk shipments?

Once you have received your bulk shipment it is your responsibility to confirm that all individual orders have been accurately fulfilled. Any issues with a shipment must be reported by contacting us here within 2 business days of the shipment proof of delivery date.

When will items ship to my customers/supporters?

Items typically ship within two weeks of the campaign end date. Your customers will receive a shipping confirmation email once their items have shipped.

Will my customers be charged sales tax for their item purchases?

Any orders being shipped to Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia or Texas will be charged sales tax. Orders to all other states will not be charged sales tax. Find out more details in our Terms of Service.