System Administrator Best Practices

Want to have a really active and successful community of users and campaigners loving and leveraging your IgniteCX organization account? Here are the practices that our most seasoned System Administrators have found to be highly beneficial to their success.

Best Practice #1: Get the word out! (Share your portal page URL)

The most successful IgniteCX organizations are the ones that are good at making sure their community of users know about the online pop-up store and fundraising opportunities available to them. Your portal page (also known as organization home page) is the conduit through which your users will learn what the system is about and is also where they will go to get started. Additional resources: Timesavers, System Administrator Quick Start

Best Practice #2: Know your role – and delegate it to another SA if you want to

As a System Administrator, there are actually very few roles you must play in administering your IgniteCX account. However, if you are not aware of these roles or have not delegated them, it will be difficult for your campaigns to get off of the ground. You can learn more about user roles here. Hint: the only task that MUST be completed by a System Administrator is the approval of the Funds Recipient. Other than that, you can put as much or as little effort in to being active with your account as you want (although, the more active you are the more successful it will be :-))

Best Practice #3: Get to know your tools

We have provided many tools to help you and your campaign organizers to get started in creating their campaigns and in running really successful campaigns. Here’s our list of favorite places to go when you need help or inspiration:


  • Most of features you use and the steps you need to take throughout the site have accompanying information and help videos. Look for icons that look like the ones shown above.
  • IgniteCX Help & Resources
  • IgniteCX FAQs

Best Practice #4: Understand the basics of running a successful campaign

There is a very clear line between running a successful campaign and a failing one and it is not difficult to put yourself on the side of success if you take just a few minutes to learn how. See our Campaign Best Practices here.

Best Practice #5: Nurture your campaign organizers

This system has been designed to be relatively hands-off for the System Administrator, however, the more successful your campaign organizers are with their campaigns, the more successful you will be in offering a great service to your community. Their success is your success. As you see, participate in, and observe different campaigns you will pick up a lot of wisdom along the way. Don’t be afraid to share with your new campaign organizers!

Best Practice #6: Have a plan, set some goals

If you want to take full advantage of how the IgniteCX system can really benefit your campus or organization you’ll want to think through a simple plan. This plan should include how you are going to get the word out, how often you will communicate with your community about the system and how you will support those who are using the system.

Best Practice #7: Feel free to contact us

Getting stuck? Have a question or a suggestion? We are always happy to help in any way we can. Contact us here!